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E ncourage
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 We Can, We Will, We are Shea High!  


  • Rally Held on October 19!

    On Thursday, October 19, students and teachers gathered in the Shea auditorium to attend what they thought was a NO-Bully rally-but what happened was ever better.  After the crowd settled down, Dr. Jacqueline Ash introduced our Superintendent of Schools, Mrs. Patti DiCenso, who exclaimed that "Shea High School is out of transformation!" Celebrating with us was Dr. Jacqueline Naspo, Assistant Superintendent, Mr. Ron Beaupre, Union President and Ms. Christina DiPrete, Union Vice President.  Teachers and administrators including Dr. Ash, Ms. Bridget Boucher and Mr. Darrell Luffborough were invited up onto the stage to celebrate with the entire Shea Community. 




Shea High School is located in the heart of Pawtucket, RI, and it is a true picture of America today, with over 52 countries represented and over 25 different languages spoken.  We are a very proud community that supports, encourages and loves all our students and works together to set them on a course for success.


Class of 2018
  • Graduation Prep!

    Recently Jostens hosted an assembly for the Seniors to talk about caps, gowns, class rings and senior apparel. It was our seniors' first event this year that is getting them ready for graduation!

Student Council Fundraiser
  • Yankee Candles for Sale!

    Student Council is starting its annual Yankee Candle Fundraiser.  Exclusive to online orders, this weekend Yankee Candle Fundraising is offering 50% earnings to our group!  This is an extra 10% from our normal profit and with online orders, the items ship directly to the person!  If you have not yet shared our sale, or made a purchase yourself, please do so this weekend so we can maximize the 50% earnings.  

    Remember, Yankee Candle online is more than just amazing candles, you can also shop Crock Pot, Mr. Coffee, Rawlings, Coleman and much, much more!!   This is a great time to shop for gifts, or prepare for the holidays!

    50% is only available to us this weekend (beginning 10/19 thru 10/22) – don’t miss it!

    To share, use your mobile app to easily alert your social media friends and family.  To shop, visit www.yankeecandlefundraising.com and use our code 990103452.   See Ms. Welch for more information!

Student Council
  • Support our Student Council and Get Candy!!

    Next week, from Oct 23-Oct 30, the Student Council will be selling Candy Grams!   

    Guess how much candy is in the Jar to win the candy!  Good Luck!

    See Ms. Welch or a student council member for more information!!

Paula Seymour, RN
  • Welcome to the Nurse's Office




    Click Below for Information on FLU CLINICS!






    The RI Blood Center will be at Shea High School for a blood drive on Monday, December 11, 2017 in the auditorium. 

    Eligibility to donate blood:

    - You must be at least 16 years of age.
      - 16 year old's must weigh 130 pounds or more and have a signed parental permission slip.
    - Be 17 years or older and weigh 110 pounds or more.
    - Be in overall good health.
    - You cannot donate if you are pregnant,
       have had hepatitis B or C,
       are taking antibiotics for infection, 
       have cold or flu symptoms 
       or have any STD's. 

    Don't forget to bring your driver's license or another form of identification when you donate. 

    A message from the RI Blood Center:   

    Be a Hero
    Providing blood and blood products to patients in need takes a sustained community effort between volunteer blood donors, blood drive sponsors, hospitals, and the RI Blood Center. Despite great medical advances, there is still no artificial substitute for blood. It can only come from people willing to roll up their sleeves and lend their arms to save lives. Ensuring a safe, plentiful and cost effective blood supply is our mission. You are the reason we have been able to carry it out for over 35 years (www.ribc.org).

    Please see the link below to watch a video about a local family who was helped by regular blood donors.


Good Morning from Shea!
    Ms. McCaughey's Grade 12 Advisory class  was featured on NBC Sunrise on Friday, September 15! 

    Click the link under the picture below to see Anchorwoman Alison Bologna's tweet about this special appearance starring our very own Shea Raiders!!         


Leadership Summit
  • Senior Teamwork

    On October 2, the Shea High Leadership Summit was offered by D-Co. CEO retired Lieutenant Colonel Tom DiTomasso. He along with 3 instructors from D-Co came to share the anniversary of the "worst day of their life' with Shea High Seniors. The students already had an overview of that day, October 3, 1993. It was the battle of Mogadishu, Somalia, when a half hour mission turned into an 18 hour fight for their lives. The story is told in the movie Blackhawk Down. The leadership event was hosted by SFC Batista and Camp Fogarty. Students participated in some problem solving and communication events as well as physical challenges. Students helped fellow students to complete the challenges and they worked together in teams to overcome other obstacles. MREs were served for lunch. The day was a unique experience for Dr. Ash, the teachers, the community participants and especially for our senior class. Our Shea Seniors left their trainers with a better memory for October 3rd.





Get Involved!
  • The Friends of Shea
    Click the link below to get information on the Friends of Shea Organization!



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Mission Statement
We are a diverse community determined to achieve our goals and realize our dreams through a commitment to learning, perseverance, teamwork, and respect.
Shea High School Sports

    Upcoming Sports Events:

    Want info on upcoming games, practices and results for all Shea sports?  

    Click the dancing Raiders below to get all the info you need.


Ms. Mallory Moniz, College Advisor
  • The College Advisor

    Mallory Moniz, the new College Planning Advisor for the 2017-18 school year,  is ready to help our students in many ways!  See her for help with any of the following:

    College applications
    Completing the FAFSA
    SAT/ACT Registration
    College essays
    Career Planning
    College tours

    Overnight programs

Program of Studies
Shea High School Program of Studies

Please view the attached document to find the 2016-17 Shea High School Program of Studies.  The purpose of the Program of Studies is to  make sure that our students have a clear understanding of all course offerings and a thorough description of what each course will cover, as well as prerequisites for courses.  It is very important that our students and parents review the program of studies to make the right decisions for their individual path of study.  Please take a moment to review this document. 

Shea High School Program of Studies 2016-17

Step by Step Process for Student Scheduling in Skyward